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Annabella in the house yo! =). currently studying medicine in University Malaya, have a great loving family, and turning 20 on 23rd september. oh man that's old. Love drawing, doodling, music, dance. =)
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Wednesday, April 25, 201211:57 AM

picture of zhe day. =)

some how felt like blogging today.. it's been really really really long not blogging.. and i really do miss it.. life have been busy, messed up, happy and all in all have lots of up and downs. 

medic.. life that i'm going through now hoping in 5 years time i graduate and become a good and an awesome doctor. it's been tough and had my ups and downs but studying here in UM gave me lots of experience, friends and many more to come in the next coming years. 

dance... dint expect myself to be able to dance again in uni as i assumed that life would be extremely hectic and would be dull but it wasnt that..i really enjoyed joining the chinese dance representing my residential college for competition and guess what! we won!.. =D.. it was really great memories.. that hard work we spent during that one month really paid off.. then i had a change to dance latin again with collabration with arthur the bboy.. it was really awesome.. miss the dancing lifestyle i had last time. i really hope i can continue dancing and may my dancing passion will not fade off!. 

during the dance with the bboy
during chinese dance

activities.. i never thought i would be able to handle big matters.. took up the responsibility to organise a medsoc event and thank God it turn out fine, i may not say it was awesome but it was just nice. there were lots of flaws and mistakes i made but it made me grow and learn. make me learn how to organise stuff and also to pin point the habits that i should throw away.

the t shirt design =)

injuries.. after entering UM i think i've been injured for several times!.. oh me gosh!.. sprained my left ankle twice and currently having a swollen left big toe. oh well. how clumsy can i be.. or many i will say that i'm just AWESOME..XD.. haha. but i really regretted injuring myself this time.. i really wanted to perform for medic night. but oh well.. what's done is done. the dance is so freakinglisly cool!.

my swollen big toe =(

hmm what else i wonder.. cant think about more now but i hope i will have more to come.. =)

goodnight peeps! =).. or perhaps GOOD MORNING! =)

signing off

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Saturday, November 5, 20117:13 PM

WINKS! hello.. ! =D

anddd.. I've decided to re-live my blog! =D

it's been really a long long time.. haha!..

oh well.. after 4 months break
, i've now just started my journey to become a DOCTOR!.

although the journey is long and might have bum
ps and obstacles along the way but i'll definitely strive to do the best i can, to not disappoint my family members. =)..

hostel life in UM is really different from KMJ. the worst is THE SIZE OF THE ROOM!. lol.. my friends and i were discussing the
other night and estimated that the size of our room now is just about 1/3 of the size of our room in KMJ!.. haha.. imagine that!
HOWEVER! it's really awesome that my whole gang of friends from KMJ got in to UM as well. it's really awesome that we sti
ll get to hang out together and do crazy things together. =)..

studies are not easy.. there are LOTS when i say LOTS a mean A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT to memorise!! lol.. HOPEFULLY my BRAIN has ENOUGH CAPACITY! lol.

OH OH OH YA! had an awesome time at SF NIGHT (senior freshie night) but the saddest thing was i lost my CAMERA! my BAB
Y!!! =( i miss it so dearly.. =S.. but.. as people always say, if the old do not go the new would not come. sooo.. i'll be starting to target another camera! haha.. XD

the hot babes of KK2 XD..

my babby!! =(

i've just change my course of sports. =) now i'm in
basketball! =).. it's awesome. =) that shows that medic students ain't no NERDS! =D BUT hopefully i can balance and manage my time.. =S.. lol...

oh and yesterday was my maternal GRANDPA's brithday! =).. it was nice to see my maternal family because it's been ages since i met them, however all the older ones are already not around except me and my bro.. lol!.. when we were just chilling at the living room after the dinner, my uncle started to sing all the old songs, especially scout songs. it was really cute! haha.. it is really awesome.. they were saying that scouts last time used to have
camp fire and they gather round with the guitar and start singing all those scout songs. but it's sad that the tradition isn't pass down because i felt that the songs were really cute and awesome! haha.. =D..

and today!.. as usual when i'm home my mom would wake me up and then ask me to go to the market with her. LOL.. bought like lots for breakfast. and now i'm incredibly FULL! haven been eating so much in aw
hile. don really eat in the hostel anyways.. XD..talking about hostel food, the picture below would show you what kind of food we get.. haha.. but i heard that they changed the menu (tsk tsk.. that shows i don't really go to the dewan makan to eat. haha! ).

look at the about of green in the food.. =(

i think that's all peeps!.. =)..


signing off
missbella =)

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Monday, May 2, 20116:53 PM
just wanted to add to yesterday's post.. this would be a short one!!

special nuts!! hahaha.... it's called kacang harimau(tiger nuts).. the outside is the same as any other nut but look at the inside..
it has stripes like tiger... this is the 1st time in my life seeing this type of nuts.. but i don't feel that it's delicious though...

the funniest thing is that my dad was like saying that someone painted the nut and arrange them back in the shell... OMG!!! that's super hilarious.. my dad is one true joker... LOL!

according to my dad..... the fella that painted this nut had a bad day and painted more black and darker stripes...XD

and one last thing.. my grannie's awesome pinapple rice!! me lovey!! i helped to cook..=).. but it's still her recipe... CREDITS goes to her...=)

that's all... haha.. =)..

signing off
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5:09 AM

picture of the day..=)

oh well............ went to Bukit Tinggi for lunch today with parents and family friends... the food there was ok but we had to wait for super long! was gonna starve at that point.. haha... (a shot from Bukit Tinggi above)

had my dad to take a few pictures for me but i dint like almost all! haha... kinda picky i guess.. lol... if only sue sien went she would know how i want it!! XD...

the food:

the fish is smiling!! =)

was pretty emo yesterday and today... have no idea why.. the mood swings are coming back!!.. oh no!!!..=(....

i'm loving my new camera and it's my new best friend now!! haha....
bought new sunnies for only 5 ringgit yester from the 5 ringgit shop... haha...

super shopaholic..
talking about shopaholic....... my parents are shopaholic too!!! but they dont shop for clothes like mua but they shop in GUARDIAN for SUPPLEMENTS and i've no idea what else...
yesterday was the 1st time i've seen people shopping in GUARDIAN till that amount( wanna know the amount? personally ask me... it is really shocking.. seriously...=X)

i wanna shop shop shop.... but no money money money!! lol..
wanted to get jeans yesterday and my dad was like what for you can't wear it when you go study... i was like OMG!! i just wanna to wear out or any casual outing! lol.. super depressing...

i GUARANTEE i WILL have A LOT of FUN with SUE SIEN, STACEY( the lost girl in the gang XD), VIDI, VENICE, YONG QI, SHING JIE and JOLYN..=)

cant wait cant wait!! =)

driving lesson tomorrow at 7.00 AM ....... omg... have to sleep early today!! hopefully i can pass during may or not i will feel like a failure! lol..XD...

so i guess that's all for today!=)

=just some thoughts= ;)
Sometimes when you look back,
you’ll notice that there are many things that
you’ve screwed up many relationships and
friendships you have crushed
and done many things that you’re not so proud of,
However we can’t change what had happen
but what we can do is accept the consequences of our action
and take heed of the lesson learnt
and improve yourself and make a better you.
Do not dwell in the dark past
but try to make a change in your life

signing out,
miss bella
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Friday, April 29, 20111:06 AM

picture of the day =)

aussie cousin came to kl.. wheee... really nice to see him.. my grandparents were so happy to see him as well.. and his GF too..

cousin and girlfriend..=)

grannie cousin girlfriend..=)

weeellllll , helped my grannie to cook the previous day..
she was too worried to cook and stuff but after my grandpa came back to look more energetic..
oh well the power of LOVE i guess...


and more veggie... for soup! =)

egg.. kinda failed but it still taste nice.. =X..

went to see my grandpa yesterday.. it's a heart break to see my grandpa in hospital.. although he may look okay but we won't really know.. he always keep everything to himself.. it's quite frustrating at times as we won't know how to help him.. ANYWAY!!! GOOD NEWS! he discharged today!! but there are still many test and some examination he have to undergo.. hopes all goes well!!..=)

his heart rate was low in the hospital but when my grandma goes there and kinda scold him.. his heart rate increased!! haha.. super sweet..


mua in the hospital

in sunway toilet..

one of the recommended indian food restaurant by me!..XD



lamb chop rendang

fried chicken

i started using tumblr!! i dunno why but still learning.. just startewd for fun.. ahah.

signing off

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Thursday, April 28, 20117:59 AM

pic of the day..=)

HOME.. WHEN? ... last wednesday

What have you been doing?.... errr tv and helping out a
t home..

What are you planning to do during the hols? errr... i HAVE NO IDEA!!!.....

these are common questions people had been asking me since i came back... oh well.. i really DO NOT know what to do during the hols.
. MAY is the go out month... JUNE? JULY? no idea... thinking of getting a job... what should i do?...

wee heee tteeeheeee... got a new camera and i love it.. it's super awesome.. i think i sound more like a jungle girl.. because maybe some of
you ppl might already know camera with those functions.. but i still feel it's awesome!! =).. it has fish eye effect, toy camera effect, and many more.. oh oh oh.. and the lovely smile detector!! love that man...

the camera..=)

the fish eye effect... my nose just got bigger!! =)

the toy camera effect! dont need to edit pics..XDandddd...... it makes me fairer!!.=)

not so good news... grandpa is currently in the hospital.. really not happy about it.. grandma is super worried, it's just super devastating... when it comes to this point, i just realised i need to appreciate both my grandparents really lots.. i guess since young they had always pamper me and my grandpa always do everything for me.. even in secondary school he offered to wash my school shoe which i do not even wash them for like months...

they are truly awesome.. they are the ones who took care of me when i was young.. being there for me.. i really truly love them a lot..they were the one who change my diapers and wash my bum bum and they are just truly great.. really really awesome.. nothing more i can say.. me love em!!

grandpa and grandma..=)..

signing off,

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the bluesssss.....
Wednesday, August 11, 20105:11 AM

why am i getting the bluesssss.... i seriously got issues.. lol.. i'm facing the same problem with my mind and heart.. why do brains think so much of things that we're not suppose to think.. why do i think so much stuff which may not be the truth... BRAIN OH BRAIN can you CUT THE CRAP!!! have been struggling with this problem for so long and it's still not solved within me.. that is y problems arise.. it's my own prob i guess... gah!!! just needed a place to voice out.. am i the only one like that? oh dear me.. why are you like that? be yourself.. or maybe i dunno even know who myself is.. this is not cool.. GAH!!!!!! kick the blueeessss out of me!!!! =S..
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